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    Full range of services and products for your business development in Asia.
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About Us

Check out who we are, mission and values

  • Flexibility - Understanding precisely how Azul's assets and capabilities can deliver a solution shaped by your demands.
  • Culture - Azul, a client-centric, ownership culture uniquely capable of serving and satisfying multiple functions within an organization.
  • Transparency - Every successful relationship is founded on transparency, and with us you see every step of the way.
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Who are we?

We have been designing, sourcing and supplying a mix of products of industry and distribution. By providing OEM, ODM products we not only put your brand, but we make "your" product.

Mission Statement

Our vision - is to be the most trusted & respected global sourcing company, working to the best ethical & sustainable procurement practices, providing products to our global corporate clients.


Established with a blend of procurement and marketing experience, we have an enthusiastic “can-do” attitude to product solutions. We are committed to product compliance and sustainability. Providing all your product needs, from the everyday products to totally unique bespoke designs.



Full range of services and products for your business development in Asia


For products that are not produced in China and/or is a new product the client wants a manufacturer to product, we work with client to understand their requirements as well as the standards and expectations they have of starting their product production in China. Our database is put to use to select factories capable of meeting the client's requirements. Once a selected supplier has met the requirements, we work with manufacturer to produce client's product. Upon client approval, production begins. Throughout production, often additional samples from actual production line are sent to client for inspection. Inspection is performed through various agencies when requested by client.
Project Management

Customs Clearance

Depending on the product and market, there are different customs clearance documentation(s) and official inspection(s) which need to be completed before exporting/importing. Our experience in exporting and importing into different markets allows us to handle such procedures quickly and accurately. Prior to purchasing, as a part of our sourcing service, we check the certification and exporting/importing requirements of the product we are supplying as to ensure that we will have no problems exporting and our client will not have any problems clearing customs on their end.

Project Management

Often Azul's clients do not always know exactly what products they need. In fact, some clients only inform us that they, for example, need spare parts to a specific product, but aren't sure about the details, dimensions, materials, etc. For projects such as these, our database of manufacturers allows us to contact parts factories, request a catalog (if one is currently not on file) and begin discussing various options with our client. Once clearly understanding what the client needs, we work with the manufacturers to purchase the exact items. Many factories only specialize in one product, therefore, as a part of our service, we introduce and encourage manufacturers of complementing products to work together. If an item isn't available, we work closely with the manufacturer to alter an existing product to fit the requirements of our client (often by creating molds) When raw materials used do not satisfy client's standards, we work closely with both the client and manufacturer trying and testing out different material options which would fulfill client's needs.
Customs Clearance
  • OEM - When client wants their own brand placed on the products. Azul can arrange for this, as well as change in color, personalized packaging, and more. It is not about showing your brand, here we make your product.
  • Shipping - We handle all logistical issues for our clients. Since many clients purchase a range of products - meaning multiple factories are involved in China, we assist with consolidating those goods, warehouse when necessary.
  • Air freight can be arranged when time restraints exist. Air freight can also be arranged if the product is small in size, light in weight and/or low in quantity. Most air freighting service is reserved for samples and spare parts.
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Hong Kong Map

Quick Facts

Hong Kong


Azul is a Hong Kong owned company, with offices in Shenzhen, in the heart of Asia, we are strategically located for business in China and other countries, it enjoys peerless transport connections. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Perth are in the same time zone as Hong Kong. Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo are within one hour’s difference. Hong Kong offers easy access (commercially and geographically) to Mainland China business opportunities. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) region is immediately to the north of Hong Kong and business people commute regularly and easily between the two. The PRD, as it’s commonly known, is China’s largest and most productive manufacturing region. It is home to tens of thousands of factories owned or managed by Hong Kong and overseas companies. As a result of its manufacturing success, the major cities of the PRD – Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan – are now among the wealthiest in China and have become strong markets for consumer goods and business services in their own right.

  • Easy and efficient regional travel is key to Hong Kong’s success as a regional center.
  • Over 100 airlines offer flights to about 180 locations.
  • All Asia’s key markets are less than four hours’ flight away.
  • Half the world’s population is within five hours’ flight time.
  • About 1,000 daily flights between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.
  • The gateway to Mainland China.